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Off White Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets How to DIY on a Budget

Repainting kitchen cabinets – Perhaps you have been dreaming about kitchen remodeling but you do not have enough money to carry out some major changes?

Well, you are able to make a significant change in your residence without investing some huge cash. You do not have to exchange everything with your kitchen directly, freshen it by repainting old cabinets. You are able to completely transform your kitchen during only one weekend having a paint sprayer and few gallons of paint.

Prep the space – Painting kitchen cabinets isn‘t a hard thing to do in the least, especially if you undertake the prep work. Before starting out with painting you have to prepare everything for the method. The very first thing you must do is to start out cleaning.

Get sponge and cleanser and carefully wipe down everything. Empty everything coming from the cabinets and drawers into moving boxes and remove all of the clutter during this process. Now utilize the plastic sheets to cover all the things you don‘t need to finish up painted.

Dismantle all kitchen cabinets and drawers, remove all knobs and handles in order to make the painting process easier. Mark every cabinet or drawer and it is corresponding parts with a similar tape and ensure that you write where everywhere goes so it may be simpler to re-install it later.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets Extra Tips

Make a decision must you sand your cabinets or otherwise. The sanding process is typically necessary only for shiny cabinets that contain many polyurethane.

Start painting – Prime the cabinets. Your cabinets should be primed before beginning to paint. Primers help new paint to bond using the old paint you already have in your cabinets. Additionally it is helpful for covering any blemishes, stains or knots. Wait a couple of hours and you may start painting.

Obtain the paint on. To obtain the best result you ought to make use of a sprayer. If you‘re employing a brush, always apply it in one direction and check out to not apply it on too thick. Albeit this could be additional time consuming, you need always opt to apply two light coats rather than only one heavy layer. First paint the insides, leave to dry and just then turn to the other side. This manner you will avoid paint drops upon the outsides of your respective cabinets.

You ought to wait a minimum of three days to the paint to dry. You don‘t need to ruin your labor when you are too impatient.

Put everything back. After your paint dries completely you will need to hang everything to its place. Luckily, when you have prepared correctly at first now you will know where every drawer, door and knob goes.

Organize an epic remodeling party and enable your guests compliment yourself on your recent kitchen. They‘re going to arrived at you for decorating tips and tricks after they discover you have single-handedly transformed your kitchen.